A satirical dissection of plastic surgery, mateship and monkeys.

In a plastic surgery waiting room, a young activist is being detained by the clinic's surgeon and her spin doctor to ensure his 'rehabilitation' into mainstream society. His po-mo erotic photographer mother attempts to come to his rescue, but is thwarted by a hirsute metrosexual.

With a nostalgic waiting room soundtrack of 80s pop and dance break-outs combining to slice up the action, Botchulism carves out the body as a site of political invasion and control.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Melbourne Model The Musical

Botchulism recommends at least one dose of this formula over a three-day period for instant comic relief:

Written by Fregmonto Stokes with music by Ben Kiley and Angus
Leslie, Melbourne Model: The Musical is a satirical and farcical
allegory of the story of the Melbourne Model, as told through the
eyes of a young, impressionable first year, Wally, and his struggle
of alliance between a gang of gender-bending leftist hippies, also
known as the Student Union, and charismatic rock-star Vice
Chancellor Glyn Davis.

8pm August 28 - 30
2pm August 30 & 31
Union Theatre, Union House, University of Melbourne
Full $18/Conc $12

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