A satirical dissection of plastic surgery, mateship and monkeys.

In a plastic surgery waiting room, a young activist is being detained by the clinic's surgeon and her spin doctor to ensure his 'rehabilitation' into mainstream society. His po-mo erotic photographer mother attempts to come to his rescue, but is thwarted by a hirsute metrosexual.

With a nostalgic waiting room soundtrack of 80s pop and dance break-outs combining to slice up the action, Botchulism carves out the body as a site of political invasion and control.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday and Friday - SOLD OUT

Dear patients of Botchulism,

Due to our limited capacity seating (we can only fit 36 in our waiting room) tonight's show and tomorrow's show (18th, 19th @ 8pm) are sold out!

Saturday shows (20th @ 5pm and 8pm) are also selling fast! If you can't make it to them you can always email us to be put on a waiting list on the night. The only secure way to book tickets is online at

however, at Bodysoul(TM) surgery we don't like to discriminate against those without credit cards, so you may email us at

to make a reservation, but please arrive early (at least 20 minutes before starting time) to pick up your tickets, as email bookings may go on sale to the general public on the night, 5 minutes prior to starting time.

Thankyou, and we look forward to your consultation.